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We handle all forms of commercial and residential construction from conception to completion. Below is a narrow list of our specialities but never our limits.

First Fix Carpentry

The initial installation of structural and foundational elements in a construction project, forming the essential framework upon which further building stages are based.

Second Fix Carpentry

The meticulous installation of interior elements and finishing touches that enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of a constructed space

Suspended Ceilings

Secondary ceiling systems hung beneath the main structural ceiling, often used to conceal utilities, improve acoustics, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of a space

Thermal Insulation

Implementation of materials used to minimise heat transfer between spaces, enhancing energy efficiency and maintaining desired temperature levels

Glass Partitions

Transparent or translucent dividers made of glass panels used to create separate spaces within an interior while maintaining a sense of openness and visual connection.

Metal Frame Walls

Steel or other metal studs and tracks that form the framework for interior partitions, offering structural support and a versatile foundation for various construction applications

Acoustic Insulation

A technique designed to reduce the transmission of sound or noise between different areas, ensuring a quieter and more comfortable environment